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Responding to a question from a Twitter user, Musk ad-libbed: "I think in the future you will be able to save and replay memories. This is obviously sounding increasingly like a Black Mirror episode. But well, I guess they're pretty good at predicting."

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He said that with the interface active across the brain "everything that's encoded in memory, you could upload you could basically store your memories as a backup and restore the memories. And ultimately, you could potentially download them into a new body or into a robot body. The future is going to be weird."

That's an absolute minimum and doesn't account for the fact there is an "incredibly complex molecular system within a neuron" and doesn't account for glia, another class of neural system cells known to process information. The estimate does not account for the fact that the brain is dynamic, and memories contain several moments in time.

"The area that I'm in is known as cognitive computational neuroscience. We've been thinking a lot in the field, about information capacities of neural systems, what patterns are representations of the world? What are memories? These are all kinds of big topics we discuss a lot.

"From the outside looking in, it's very easy to underestimate the scope of the problem of understanding the brain or parts of the brain in general. In this case, Musk's comment about uploading and downloading memories, it sounds trivial and simple in a lot of ways, but it's vastly complex," Verstynen said.

Even though the work on a brain interface had progressed, such that some experiments showed people able to control prosthetic arms via such a device, downloading memories is still difficult to imagine.

"It's more like a chaotic attractor system. It has very nonlinear properties. And whenever we try to use computational metaphors to understand the brain, those metaphors kind of constrain the way we understand the system. These tech leaders are trying to get into the field of neuroscience by holding on to the computer metaphor of uploading or downloading memories, thinking that the idea that memory in my head is the same as a memory on my computer chip. That shows people are adopting the constraints of the metaphor, not the constraints of the brain," he said.

Other commentators were a little more blunt about Musk's claim that Neuralink would be able to download human memories. UK geneticist, UCL research associate and science writer Adam Rutherford also took to Twitter to say: "Absolute balls. This is god-level cockwaffle, typical of the manballs beloved of these ignorant dorks."

Here's where the tricky part is, I have around 15,000 downloads I need to do and manually clicking each individual one will take ages, I've tried extracting all of the links through the download button and this creates lots of Urls (Great) but the problem is, if you past the url into the browser then ("Error: HTTP method GET is not supported by this URL") appears.

Elon Musk says a lot of seemingly fantastical things. For example: The billionaire Tesla and SpaceX CEO seems to believe that humans will eventually be able to live forever, by downloading their brains into robots.

"I think it is possible," Musk, 50, recently told Insider. "Yes, we could download the things that we believe make ourselves so unique. Now, of course, if you're not in that body anymore, that is definitely going to be a difference, but as far as preserving our memories, our personality, I think we could do that."

By Musk's account, such technology will be a gradual evolution from today's forms of computer memory. "Our memories are stored in our phones and computers with pictures and video," he said. "Computers and phones amplify our ability to communicate, enabling us to do things that would have been considered magical ... We've already amplified our human brains massively with computers."

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Brain-computer interfaces may also one day allow us to record the memories of the greatest thinkers of our age to be preserved for future generations to learn from, exactly as they were, like using the magical Pensieve from the Harry Potter series.

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When you open the Google Photos app or website, you can browse through an awesome collection of memories that is automatically assembled for you. These mini photo albums take over the whole screen and you can tap through them like an Instagram Story.

3. Choose a setting. To move Snapchat memories to your computer, there are three useful settings you can choose from. The first option is called Smart Backup. If you have a limited data plan, be careful of this option!

5. Download and use your memories. Depending on how you transferred your photos, you might be downloading them from Google Photos. Or, you might be saving attachments from your email account. No matter what you used, save them on your computer for safekeeping. If you prefer to have backups for your backup, try saving them to a flash drive.

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Picture the scene: A notification appears on your smartphone stating that "you are running out of storage". Suddenly you realize that you have too many snaps in your Snapchat memories which can be deleted to clear some space. While deleting the snaps you accidentally deleted that collection from your wedding, or your oldest pictures, or that one snap in which you looked your best. Now you must be worried about how to recover deleted Snapchat memories? There are a number of reasons why Snapchat memories can unintentionally get deleted. It can be due to storage issues, having snaps deleted by your kids, or losing them due to a damaged cell phone. Snapchat has a dynamic interface which can also lead to the deletion of snaps by new users. Whatever the case is, if you follow the below-mentioned instructions carefully, we are sure that one of the methods will work for you.

The answer is: Yes, you can but the process of Snapchat memories recovery can vary according to your situation. First of all, before retrieving the snap chat memories, go to your Snapchat home and swipe up to access the saved snaps. Ideally, the snaps should be saved in Memories. if you have previously saved the snap, then it can be retrieved from the Memories section.If the snaps are deleted from memories or were not saved altogether, then you need to follow the steps mentioned in the next section to recover your Snapchat memories. You can also use one of the recovery software available (we have recommended one in this article), or check your phone's cache, or the linked cloud account to recover deleted snaps. If you are still thinking can I recover deleted Snapchat memories? Just read ahead.

Just like iTunes, a lot of iPhone users also take the assistance of iCloud to save their data as well. If this is the case, then retrieving the snap chat memories could be easy from the connected iCloud account. If you are a iPhone user and still thinking can you recover deleted Snapchat memories, follow our steps. Here's a stepwise guide on how to recover deleted Snapchat chat history via iCloud.

Still wondering can I recover deleted Snapchat memories? You can back up content, data, and settings from your phone to your Google Account. This includes backing up your Snapchat memories too. You can restore your Snapchat memories from Google Drive by following these steps:

If all the solutions mentioned above fail and you are still looking for how to recover deleted Snapchat memories? You can use recovery software which specializes in Snapchat memories recovery. There is various software available online for this purpose but we recommend using Tenorshare 4DDiG to restore deleted Snapchat memories. If the Snapchat memories were stored on an external SD card, this method will definitely help to recover them.4DDiG is an all-in-one solution to perform data recovery and repair for all scenarios. It can help you in the process of retrieving the snap chat memories. Below are some of its features listed to give an idea about it: 041b061a72


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