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[S3E20] The Art Of Boxing

When Max has trouble sleeping because of his worries of failing the 5th grade, Vic suggests to George that Max should take boxing lessons to keep his worries off of school. At first, George is concerned that Angie won't like the idea of Max boxing, but he and Vic decide to not tell her. After boxing, Max accidently gives himself a black eye while taking off his gloves. When Angie discovers Max's black eye and that he's been boxing, she's furious at George and Vic at first for not telling her, but decides to let Max continue boxing. During a boxing tournament, Max gets a concussion which puts an end to him boxing anymore.

[S3E20] The Art of Boxing

Water boxing: To perform this technique, waterbenders surround their fist with a small amount of water and punches their opponent. This move was used by Tahno in a match against the Fire Ferrets.[37]

Commander Hoo-Ha comes to Camp Kidney to introduce his daughter, which was the mongoose Patsy Smiles. Patsy then gives a Valentine card to Lazlo, which he likes but rejects it because he doesn't want to get in trouble with her father. However, Hoo-Ha finds it says "I'd Like You"" and he gets angry. Overreacting, he tries to find the campers who wrote it, believing it was for Patsy. He holds a test in the end where Patsy and each of the campers fight in a boxing ring, believing that Patsy wouldn't hit the person she likes. However, Patsy chooses to beat up everyone, even Lazlo, for the sake of protecting all of them.

  • First seasonAh, the early seasons' overly cartoonish expressions never get old. In Episode 1x2, it's revealed that Stella had been held back a year because she had once accidentally blown up one of the potions labs, which she became infamously known for. She gripes it wasn't a big deal since her dad paid for all the damages. It seems Stella is more rebellious and authority-disruptive than Aisha.

  • In Episode 1x12, Stella enters a beauty pageant and the Trix sabotage it by messing up all of the contestants' performances. It's mean, but very funny. Made even better by Faragonda being among the public and did nothing, implying that the Trix's sabotage was actually part of the contest.

  • The Trix have a lot of fun sabotaging the other contestants, laughing at each failed performance. But when it's Stella's turn, their attempts to sabotage her end up failing completely, with their last attempt by making her speak backwards instead increasing her appeal to the judge. Their Comical Angry Faces say it all.

  • The fact one of the contestants is identical to Aisha. By the way, we don't see what happened during her performance, she only showed up after the fact wearing a gym outfit, boxing gloves, and lots of bandages.

  • There's a moment in Episode 1x07, where the girls are forced to stay at Alfea while the rest of the school attends a concert. Part of their punishment is to clean the whole school, so they call the boys over and have a "cleaning party". At one point, Kiko is playing in the suds and spinning a hairbrush (I think). He accidentally tosses it and it hits Sky's dog in the head. The look on Kiko's face when he sees the dog looking at him is priceless and he even tries to walk away coolly, as if nothing happened.

  • The pronunciation of Diaspro's name in the Nickelodeon dub, Di-Ass-Pro. Rather fitting considering her repeated slides towards villainy.

Ethel and Lucy can't get their husbands to stop watching boxing matches on television. They decide to cut the TV antenna wires and power lines for the apartment building and are arrested. Lucy is mistaken for a notorious criminal, but the friends are released and return home just as the match is ending.

Ippo Makunouchi continues his boxing career and his goal on knowing the meaning of being strong, and the desire on fighting his idol Ichiro Miyata once again. Along him are pro boxers Takamura, Aoki and Kimura that each one of them aspire to their own dreams. 041b061a72


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