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Learn the Fundamentals of Digital Communication with Amitabha Bhattacharya's Book - Free PDF Download

digital communication in the power line is called power line communication, and it is often referred to as power line networking or plc. the plc is required for the execution of this infrastructure. the plc has become the major form of the communication. the plc technologies have been used in many applications and industries. the industries use the plc for the various applications, such as industrial and power line communication.

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the communication channel includes two ways i.e. digital and analog. the linear digital communication is the most important technique in telecommunication which is performed by sending pulse amplitude modulation (pam) or pulse code modulation (pcm) signal. in pam, the digital data is transmitted by changing the amplitude of the carrier signal, whereas pcm transmits the data by adding a code or by changing the duration of pulse. in the case of on-off keying in digital communication, one of the two states of the carrier signal is used to represent digital information while the other state has to be ignored.

the communication mechanism involves two parties, in this case it involves first and second party. in e-commerce transaction, it is known as two-party e-commerce. if one party wants to sell his items to the other party then the transaction is called as one-side two-party e-commerce. e-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. the e-commerce is a major contributor to the growth of information technology sector in india. it is also a key driver of growth in the information technology (it) industry.

the objective of this special session is to share and exchange the experiences on practical applications of information and communication technologies (ict) and the role of ict in facilitating access to knowledge and information, as well as to share experiences and ideas in this field. the session will also highlight the different ways of applying ict to improve the quality of teaching and learning, to contribute to the promotion of the usage of ict, and to foster the use of ict in developing countries. this special session will bring together the researchers and practitioners from the various domains that are involved in the field of ict, which will help in bringing together the skills and experiences. this session will also explore the issues in the field of ict and the challenges, opportunities and needs of using ict in the education sector in developing countries.


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