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Quake Champions Stuck On Loading

Virtual Memory Allocation: This is a fairly new system in Windows where the OS uses your storage memory for some menial background tasks to save resources, especially RAM. Having this misconfigured on Windows systems is a known cause of this issue in Halo Infinite where the game gets stuck while loading the map.

quake champions stuck on loading

HDD: Hard drives are severely outdated and with heavy AAA games you do need an SSD. Playing Halo Infinite from the hard drive could cause significantly increased load times which is one of the reasons your game could appear to be stuck while loading the map. While you are simply facing the increased load times that come with an HDD.

By now, I am sure everyone is familiar with restarting devices whenever something fails to work. We recommend you try restarting the following devices in your setup to reestablish your network connections, drivers, background services, and more. If you were facing a temporary issue on your system that was causing the game to be stuck while loading the map then restarting the following devices should help you fix it.

Most users facing this issue seem to have their Virtual Memory for drives set incorrectly within Windows. Halo Infinite seems to heavily rely on this virtual memory which seems to cause it to get stuck while loading the map. Use the guide below to verify your Virtual Memory configuration and change it if needed, on your PC.

Once your PC restarts, launch Halo Infinite and sign back into your Microsoft account using the prompts on your screen. Once signed in, you should no longer get stuck at the map loading screen if a background conflict with your Microsoft account was the cause of your issue.

Once deleted, re-launch the game on your system and try entering a game now. You will face significantly increased load times during the first few games as the game will be reloading all the necessary sources. However, if texture conflicts and the corrupt game cache was causing you to be stuck on the loading map screen then the issue should now be fixed for your system.

If you are still facing issues then MS Defender is likely the cause of your issue, specifically, Real-time Protection. This feature helps check files and programs running on your system in real-time for malicious activity. However, a recent update seems to cause it to misidentify Halo Infinite when the game tries to load maps which causes the game to get stuck at the loading map screen. Use the guide below to turn off Real-Time Protection on your PC.

Note: This is a temporary fix that is only meant to identify the cause of your game getting stuck at the loading screen. If real-time protection is the cause of your issue then we recommend you continue with the guide and try the other alternate fixes listed below. Keeping real-time protection turned off is not recommended as it puts your system at high risk of getting infected with malware, adware, and more.

Once turned off, try launching Halo Infinite and playing a multiplayer game. If the game can load the map then continue with the next steps below. However, if the game is still stuck at the loading map screen, then skip this fix and move to the next one as Real-time protection is not the cause of your issue.

A few common causes might be the cause of the Apex loading screen problems. Start with these issues that have fixed the screens for other players so you can get back to your path to Apex championship. 350c69d7ab


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