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Download Material Pods Pro Air Pods Battery Level (MOD ) Apk !EXCLUSIVE!

Airpods don't show battery level on your Android smartphone by default, however, you can change this, and bring your experience closer to iPhone users. Download now the MOD APK of MaterialPods: AirPods battery for free, only at!

Download Material Pods Pro Air Pods battery Level (MOD ) apk

Even though Airdos works fine with Android, there is no easy way to check Airpods battery life (unlike iPhone which gives you a sleek pop-up everything you open the case near it). However, MaterialPods does just that. It shows you the remaining battery life of both the AirPods and the Case on your Android phone.

In this post, we are going to explain the app, explain its features and provide you with relevant links for the app. You can read more about the Andropods pro apk below. Or, you can directly download it by hitting the download button at the end of the article. Remember to put a comment if this app helped you so that it helps others.

Use Andropods to connect your airpods to android phone and use it for all features. For pro features download andropods pro mod apk by pressing the download button. It is easy to pair and connect and get the pro version now for evaluation. 041b061a72


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