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Funcom and developer The Outsiders will be throwing a special metal concert at Gamescom 2022 for their new game Metal: Hellsinger. In what they're boasting will be the "largest live concert ever seen at the event," several singers from different bands who make appearances in the game will be live and in person for a show, which will also be broadcast live over Twitch for a special livestream. The event will be entirely free and open for thousands to attend as they have taken out the entire hall for a single reservation just to hold the show. The show will take place at 7PM CEST (10AM PT/1PM ET) on August 25th.


Doesn't matter whether or not you like metal music; that's an amazing bonus to help promote the game that you don't often see at gaming conventions. If you happen to be going to Gamescom this year, that is something worth going out and attending just to see the spectacle of it and say you were there! Here are more details on the show from the organizers.

Several of the game's celebrated vocalists will perform their songs from the game, which are written by Swedish composer duo, Two Feathers. This epic joining of music and game starts at 7PM CEST and will be streamed live for all to watch. Feast your eyes and ears on the trailer for this unique event now. After shooting past one million demo downloads and a rapid climb up the Steam wishlist, Funcom and The Outsiders turn it up to 11 by gathering an astounding number of the game's metal icons to perform, including Matt Heavy (Trivium), Alissa White-Glüz (Arch Enemy), Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquillity), Dennis Lyxzén (Refused/INVSN), and James Dorton (Black Crown Initiate). Those attending Gamescom have free access to the show, and the first 200 to enter will get a bagful of exclusive Metal: Hellsinger merch.

The twist with this one is that it takes the metal music theming of DOOM and pushes things a step further, by introducing combos based on the flow of the music. And that music sounds fantastic, I mean, just listen to it!

Parents need to know that Metal: Hellslinger is an downloadable first-person shooter with rhythm elements for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S/X, Xbox One, and Windows PCs. Players are placed in the role of a winged, horned warrior called The Unknown who is on a quest of vengeance, with the ultimate goal of tracking down and destroying The Red Judge. To do this she battles her way through various hellscapes, fighting demons using pistols, a shotgun, a sword, and a magic skull, among other weapons. She shows no hesitation when fighting and clearly enjoys violence. Defeated enemies emit clouds of dark, smoky fluid (which might be interpreted as blood) before bursting apart, blackened bits of their bodies scattering across the ground. The game's shtick is that The Unknown does more damage if you time her attacks to the fast-paced heavy metal score, which is performed by artists from well known hard rock bands such as System of a Down and Lamb of God, which could stir players' interest in music. The combination of hard guitar riffs and visceral combat is meant to heighten the sense of euphoria players experience as they blast their way through waves of challenging enemies. The word "hell" appears frequently in game text and dialogue.

METAL: HELLSINGER combines the genres of first-person shooter and rhythm games to create a heavy metal-fueled adventure through Hell. Players take on the role of The Unknown, a violent demon carving a path of destruction through brimstone and monsters on her way to face The Red Judge and claim vengeance. She wields a variety of weapons -- mostly fantasy-themed guns, such as Persephone, a shotgun that can shoot right through enemies to take down multiple foes in a line -- that become more powerful if the player repeatedly fires in rhythm with the beat of the game's hard rock soundtrack. As the damage multiplier grows, the music transforms and becomes more layered, with driving vocals eventually added once the player hits x16. New songs and weapons are introduced as players move through the game's various "hells," each of which consist of a series of areas where waves of demons and monsters spawn before culminating in a boss fight. Once players have completed a level, they can replay it with an aim to improve their rank on online leaderboards.

Designed to appeal to players who love heavy metal, first-person shooters, and rhythm challenges, this is the very definition of a niche game. But the good news is that if you happen to fall into this select group, Metal: Hellsinger is probably going to rock your world. The music is the main highlight. Featuring gifted vocalists from bands including Lamb of God, System of a Down, Trivium, Arch Enemy, and more, these carefully crafted songs are remarkably effective in the way they increase the player's adrenaline, with crescendos that sync up perfectly with crests in the gun battles. And it's not just the shooting that impacts the music and multiplier, but also other activities such as dashing, finishing moves, and reloading. Indeed, the game encourages players to feel -- and respond to -- the beat in virtually every action they take, making for a surprisingly emotive adventure (at least if you happen to like heavy metal).

Metal: Hellsinger is a heavy metal first-person shooter, narrated by none other than Troy Baker who you may know as Joel in The Last Of Us, Batman in the Telltale Batman series, or Joker from Batman: Arkham Origins. That is just a bit of the voice work he has done, and you know that this narration is going to be great. I originally thought it was a title like Doom or Wolfenstein until I realised that to be successful, you had to keep time with the music to inflict massive damage, if your timing is off, you can still damage the enemy, but chances are they will kill you before you can destroy them with your weak attacks. If your hits are not on beat, your attack will do 50 damage to your opponent, if you manage to have good or perfect timing the damage jumps up to 330! That is a huge difference!

There are nine singers that were selected and recruited to lend their voices for this game, and we may confirm that the line-up visible on the official website really gathered great names from the modern metal scene from this millennium. With the cast of just two voice actors, these nine singers truly round up this game well. More about them below:

In a new announcement during The Game Awards, rhythm shooter Metal: Hellsinger has revealed the complete list of heavy metal musicians contributing to the game's blood-pumping score. First revealed during 2020's Summer of Gaming event, Hellsinger combines the frantic first-person gameplay of DOOM Eternal and its new Horde Mode DLC with the rhythm-based action of titles like Crypt of the NecroDancer. It's not only the gameplay that's reminiscent of DOOM, as the game's soundtrack features numerous heavy metal tracks from several notable artists in the genre.

The world of rhythm games is not as large and streamlined as those of other notable game genres, so any new title feels like another innovation on the formula. While best known for the tap-to-the-beat classics such as Dance Dance Revolution and PaRappa the Rapper, developers are constantly pushing the boundaries for what's possible in the genre. Disney's Fantasia brought Kinect tracking and live remixing to the classic formula, Crypt of the NecroDancer turned the formula on its head with a completely new dungeon-crawling style, even Peloton has its own rhythm game Lanebreak in the works, and now the industry has started combining rhythm with every other genre such as this example with first-person shooters. Whether you're in it for the gameplay, the heavy metal, or both, Metal: Hellsinger looks to be a promising genre mashup for 2022's gaming lineup.

Combining the action of Doom with rhythm games like Guitar Hero is likely not an idea that many had on their radar. Besides Pistol Whip from Cloudhead Games, a VR rhythm-based shooter on rails, I cannot think of another game that successfully married the two concepts quite like this. Along with spectacular action set pieces straight out of Doom, Metal: Hellsinger mixes in a powerful blend of hard-hitting metal music from artists such as Randy Blythe from Lamb of God, Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy, and Serj Tankian from System of a Down, among several others.

Hence, I was dubious when another contender to this unclaimed throne, Metal: Hellsinger, was announced as a similar "slay demons to the rhythm of heavy metal" quest. Its developers at Swedish upstart The Outsiders seem to understand that apprehension ahead of its launch on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation by the end of 2022, as they've emerged with the exact hands-on demo needed to put an exclamation point on their pitch. This game isn't just better than BPM. As much as I've loved the modern Doom reboot series, I'm wondering if Metal: Hellsinger might become the most headbang-worthy demon-blasting game ever.

At least in this limited demo, the game's rhythmic action feels better tuned for solid combat flow than the all-too-fast pace of BPM. I wouldn't be surprised if later Metal: Hellsinger levels resemble an average death metal drummer's double kick-drum setup, but its satisfying introductory levels land on a steadier "groove metal" tempo akin to Black Sabbath or Pantera. Every time you ready a sword swipe or conjure another fiery spell (as launched from a glowing skull in your hands), the music makes room for a slight, satisfying pause, as if you had a moment to twirl a drumstick before slamming it on a snare. 041b061a72


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