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Ameba Pico World

Pigg is a Japanese blog virtual community in which users can customize an avatar, socialize with people around the world using replicas of landmarks around the world like Shibuya 109 and the Statue of Liberty.

Ameba Pico World

The world is free-to-play, where players can join for free and pay real money for virtual goods. The company said it has seen 140 percent growth in virtual goods revenues in March-April and 160 percent growth in April-May.

Users can explore more than 20 different virtual scenes from around the world and through time, as well as visit storefronts selling virtual goods. They can chat in a variety of languages. There are 5,000 ways to customize characters.

Ameba Pico is the first English-language offering from CyberAgent, which operates the big Ameba Pigg virtual world in Japan. Ameba Pigg generates seven figure revenues per month and has drawn millions of users in its first year. CyberAgent America was set up in 2008 and has 20 employees in Palo Alto, Calif. Rivals include Gaia Online, IMVU, Habbo, and WeeWorld.

Ameba Pico is a virtual pet website that gives you the responsibility of looking after an ameba. There are plenty of internet games out there, but Ameba Pico stands out from the crowd in terms of its innovative navigation and unique ameba design, which was created by former developers of Newgrounds.

Other things in Ameba Pico include Pet Hotel, which tasks you with looking after a collection of amebas in a hotel, and Amoeba Race, which is a racing game in which you must guide your ameba to the finish line.

hey if u so hate huoxing WHY DELETE ameba pico dude that game would be the best virtual world ever been. so many players so many things just cyberagent sticks with their ameba pigg n RIP ameba pico if it had gone to another devloper i bet ameba pico would shake the whole earth with its popularity.

Despite living on opposite sides if the world, the two parties managed to collaborate on the Paper Zoo game, which is a combination of origami instruction and a virtual pet game (think Tamagotchi). The game itself is a fun little diversion for anyone with young kids, or for anyone with an interest in learning origami. The app encourages them to fold a (virtual) piece of paper into one of many possible animals, such as hippos, pelicans, or elephants. Of course attentive kids or ones with parental guidance can even try making them with real paper. After that you can care for their animals too, dress them up, feed them, and even clean up their poops. Check out the short trailer below to learn a little more.

This is a peaceful petition. I'm am fully aware of some of the problems and frustrations that us picos face while waiting on this petiton to make an impact on the way Ameba Pico conducts business, but we must be respectful to the Developers as well as eachother. Being rude and abnoxious will not only stear the petition in the wrong direction, but it will destort our petitions preceition in a negative way, thus influencing the Ameba Pico Developers into assuming we are just an 'angry mob' and they probably wont listen to our ideas because of our bad attitude. So please watch your language: NO NAME CALLING OR BAD WORDS. We want to be precieved as a united pico community, not a group of disrespectful pessimists.

This an addition. I can only think of one, but it is ever so similiar. alot of Pico users use this game now. It is called Ameba Pigg. It is the same as pico, how ever, it is in Japanese. But you must be able to understand with the icons, for they are the same as pico.


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